Drug Addiction

Christian drug addiction is more than physical dependence, Christian drug addiction is bondage of the soul, the mind and the body. Christian drug addiction requires treatment for drug and alcohol dependence according to the scriptures and the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you or a loved one has found him or herself under the influence of Christian drug addiction there is a tremendous amount of conflict going on. Conflict between what is known to be right, what the bible says is right and the sinful behavior that we know to be wrong but cannot seem to control. Christian drug addiction treatment is about releasing the grip of addiction and renewing faith in God and the true meaning of life.

Spencer Recovery Centers proudly serves the Christian drug addiction community by offering faith based treatment options focusing on a personal relationship with Christ. We understand that it can be humiliating to admit that you need help with a problem. We understand that you want nothing more than to do God's will but an obsession and craving for alcohol and drugs has consumed you and exhausted your resources. All too often we are not clear of the consequences of chronic alcohol and drug use until after we've wasted our money, perhaps lost a job, fought with a spouse or stopped talking to friends. Sometimes the consequences are worse, jail time, health problems, divorce, bankruptcy, separation from children. We urge you to take this moment of clarity to call us and take action against sin, against your addiction and let us help you cure your body and let your soul rest once again in the grace of God.

Healing the sick was just one of Jesus' many miracles. The only thing that was required was faith and hope can be restored from desperation. Spencer Recovery Centers brings together the best of spiritual principles, medical procedures and therapeutic counseling to offer effective treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Christian drug addiction treatment specializes in meeting the physical demands and requirements of the body and mind while God guides you down the path of recovery toward spiritual healing. But action must be taken. God will meet you half way on the path of recovery but to not do the work to meet Him is to demonstrate a lack of faith. Only when we come to believe in the Higher Power will we find the healing power needed to conquer our ailments.

Christian drug addiction is a progressive disease. If you or a loved one suffers from Christian drug addiction you may have already seen how quickly things can get worse and never better. Our judgment becomes severely impaired and we quickly blame others for our problems when it is us who have lost the way of God. If you or a loved one is able to recognize that life has been dehumanized, if we can remember when life was good, than there is hope. Let Spencer Recovery Centers treat your addictions and lead you back on the path to God. It may seem difficult now but you will quickly find that God does not make to hard a task of it for those who have faith.

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