Christian rehabilitation relates traditional rehab to specifically Christian rehabilitation principles for the purpose of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Christian rehabilitation recognizes that many people are devoted but are conflicted by their behaviors and beliefs. Spencer Recovery Centers offers Christian rehabilitation to help those realize that it is possible to please God in certain areas of our lives and displease him in others. Christian rehabilitation can heal this spiritual division and conquer sinful patterns once and for all. Let Christian rehabilitation heal you or a loved one today by calling Spencer Recovery Centers.

Recovery through continued abstinence and a spiritual renewal is recognized has the solution to break the sins of chronic drinking and using. The medical community has long viewed the 12 step recovery process has one of the few effective long term treatments and God has always been a part of the 12 steps. Many 12 step groups however do not turn to the bible for guidance despite its Authority.

Christian rehabilitation surrounds you in the love and strength of God. This strength outside of yourself that you will need to help admit that you are powerless over your addictions and your life has become unmanageable. The bible addresses this very issue in Second Kings chapter 5 with "The Healing of Naaman." Here Naaman was suffering from leprosy, like addiction a progressive deadly disease, and has to humbly admit that he cannot recover on his own. He goes to the prophet in Israel and at first refuses the easy suggestion of cleansing seven times in the Jordan River. With the help and understanding of his officers this great Aramean army commander takes the suggestion of the prophet and is healed by the Lord.

Christian rehabilitation is the same process. It can be humbling to start again and admit that you have no power over alcohol and drugs. Christian rehabilitation walks you through an examination of your life and troubles to change destructive behavior patterns and once again find the love and power you seek through God.

If you or a loved one suffers with drug or alcohol abuse please call Christian rehabilitation today.


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