Treatment Centers

Grace Track for Christians has been established by Spencer Recovery Centers for those who would benefit from a Christian recovery track. Grace Track is a place where those who want to reestablish their relationship with Christ can recover from their problems with alcohol and drugs. If you or a loved one is ready to break through the denial and admit that you need help with drugs and alcohol then Christian treatment center is for you. Many of us have been in pain before finding Christian treatment center, fighting addiction, fighting ourselves, seeking God's guidance and wisdom then shutting it off through sinful behavior. Christian treatment center recognizes that we are imperfect and helps heal the mind, body and soul.

Most treatment centers promote the fact that they'll educate the sufferer about how the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction ravishes the mind and body. Changing neurological pathways here, altering behavior patterns there. The body is wrecked with consequences of using; sores that do not heal properly, organ damage, undue stress on the heart and high blood pressure. Perhaps you fight painful withdrawal symptoms every time you try to stop on your own. These are all important aspects of recovery but Grace Track includes these and beyond. We do not mask the truth that God alone has the power to restore us to sanity.

The bible tells us that those who seek God will find God. This does not mean that there will not be pain. Nor does it mean that life is always fair and work out as we see fit. Everything is in God's time and in His plan. Christian treatment center can put you on the path so that with your clear mind and clean body you can be fully present and accounted for to receive God's will for you. Only when actively working on remaining sober and constructive can you make room in your cluttered mind for God's answers.

Treatment is necessary for us suffering from drug and alcohol problems. We have already proven to ourselves that we cannot do it on our own. We are beginning to understand that we are enslaved to our addictions and that no matter how good and pure our intentions, our actions often fail us and fail our commitment to God.

God has already forgiven us but it is up to us to do our part and begin to live our life according to the scriptures. God will restore us to sanity if we entrust our lives to Him. Christian treatment center can help break the cycle of destruction. Through Spencer Recovery Centers therapeutic expertise, we can return you from the isolation you find yourself. It is common for us to think that family, friends and employer have given up on us. This often is mistaken as a good reason to become even more self-destructive, without restraint. During this time we often blame others and outside events for our troubles, rarely recognizing drinking and using as a source of our troubles but rather a comforting solution. When this escape is cut off, when drinking and drugs reveals itself as a false idol, we can easily lose all hope.

Let Grace Track for Christians show you that there is still hope. God is all powerful and is willing to meet you more than halfway to save you but there is work to be done. Call us today.


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